McIntosh MVP871 CD Setup Questions

I have been using a Meridian 506 CD Player for the last 15 years(not SACD capable)I got a very good price on a gently used McIntosh MVP871 CD player which is SACD compatible and 2CH or 6 CH capable via rear connection. I am using a separate BluRay player for DVDs only. This is connected to the 6.1CH on my McIntosh MX 118 and I am using a McIntosh MC206 6 channel amp. So I want the Mac MVP871 for CD play only.My question is would you set it up 2 CH only or 6 CH????And is the SACD Cd's worth buying a few and are the SACD available for multiple channel play. I use a pair of Thiel CS2.3 speakers and a pair of JL Audio L110 subs up front. Thank you.
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Isn't your blu-ray player capable of playing SACD's? If so, that's your answer for 6-channel play of SACD's. Then use the 871 for 2-channel only. I had a 861, and I used it for 2-channel. Although I'm into Classical SACD's, and can't speak for Pop or Rock items, all mine are hybrids and all play regular cd playback/stereo SACD/multiple channel SACD. Now whether they are worth buying anymore, some will tell you yes, I personally am not buying more. I have 20 of them, and I find my regular cd's sound better. My problem may be my age (69) but SACD's have too much dynamic range--one minute they are so quiet I can barely hear them, then I turn the volume up and then get blasted out of the room on loud passages. That's what working in construction all your life will do!
Few Bluray players play SACD. If you like multi-channel I would connect the 871 that way. You can switch it on the remote probably. Regular two channel discs will need to be played in two channel to sound right.