McIntosh MVP851 or Denon 5900

For someone who likes hi-fi as well as ht what would be the better choice (and apologies if it is obvious)?

The Denon seems as if it has better scaling capabilities (1080i, 768p), but the McIntosh is well, McIntosh...

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.

If you are a Mcintosh man the 851 is a great all around CD and DVD player but pricey for a DVD player. It has a great picture and plays tough DVd rentals better than my Panasonic 2000 or Sony 7700. Denon makes very good units for DVD and if you are a Mac man you would kick yourself down the road even though the Denon would suffice.
ljgj said"if you are a mac man you'll regret it" i also believe the same thing,many times in the past ive bought peices that sounded just as good as a mcintosh only to regret buying it & reselling & buying mac.

roger russell said it best" buy a mcintosh , if you dont you will regret it & soon & for the rest of your life.

its worth the extra bucks to get the mac, the gear is built like a tank & has tremendous resale value.

i just bought the mcintosh mvp841 & all i can say is smooth.
Would the 2channel and 5.1 audio of the Mac equal an Underwood modded Denon5900? wd
Your right, I wish I bought the Mac. I hate the Denon. A lot of DVD-A discs will not play in it.

Thanks for all the help!
Sell it and get the Mac! Tried to warn you.
I just upgraded to the McIntosh MVP851. It is absolutely outstanding. My friend brought over his heavily modified Wadia 301 and it helds it's own. The Wadia had a slightly warmer sound but the Mac had more detail. This brought a great big smile to my face when I realized I not only got a great DVD-V/A player but also a great CD Player. What I'm getting at is the McIntosh is well worth the money.
Isn't the MVP 861 coming out, which is a true Universal player? You may want to wait for that. I saw the press release at the MAC website.
Pardales, Where did you see the press release about the MVP861? I went to the MAC website and I can't find it!
Sinosin: Sorry, Kr4 is right, go to the Stereophile link he posted. I saw it there not at the MAC website. It does not say a lot, but it gives a picture and short description.
I don't generally write lengthy articles for the website but, if you have any specific questions that I can answer about these components, ask. However, all I know is from a brief press presentation and the datakit I took home.

Do you happen to know which transport the MVP861 is using? Thanks.