Mcintosh MVP-871

Any thoughts on the Mcintosh MVP-871 Also would consider the MVP-861. I would be using them for 2 channel and non blue ray dvd's
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I auditioned an 861 a few years ago and finally purchased an 881BR because I wanted the BD capability. They are both superb audio players; musical, transparent and able to read everything that's on the disc. 5.1 surround is also outstanding (haven't checked out 7.1). Use the XLR connections for 2 channel and optical for video if you can. Build quality is second to none. Note that you will want to make sure to download the most recent firmware if the current owner hasn't done it. It can make the machine load disks faster and respond more quickly overall. Both are large and heavy, so make sure you have a sturdy shelf and plenty of room. Good luck!
I considered the MVPs when looking for a replacement for my tubed SACD player. They look like a solid buy and I would have likely gone that route. But, I really wanted a changer, so I waited for an MCD-205 to appear within my budget.

You might get a better response from the audiokarma Mcintosh forum.