Mcintosh MVP 831 as CD player/reliability...

Hi Folks,
Anyone had experience with the MVP 831 DVD/CD player? How does it sound on standard red book CD's? Is it decent sounding 9 years after its introduction by today's standards? Thanks for any insight. -Brian.
One more question, should I consider an outboard DAC with it for more up to date sound processing? Have any of you done that on this machine or others of the same type?

   I have no personal knowledge of the MVP 831. However, I still have the McIntosh MCD7000 CD player,  and it works perfectly after 32 years of use. Of course,  technology and sound quality has moved on since its introduction in 1985, but this does speak to long-term reliability,  at least of this particular unit.
McIntosh is well known for their long term reliability of their products ,you shouldn't worry at all.