McIntosh MS300 hard drive died - should I post unit for parts sale?

Hello - I have a McIntosh MS300 unit that I've had for about 14 years, which had been in great shape functionally and cosmetically.  It died when we were doing a recent local move with the "flashing red light" syndrome.  This either is due to a power board capacitor issue (from searching other forums) or the Maxtor hard drive died.  I pulled the hard drive to try and read it and recover the hundreds of albums burned to FLAC, but the drive doesn't show up under a disk utility tool either in a Mac or Windows machine. This leads me to bet that the hard drive died.

Given this, do you all think it is worthwhile posting the MS300 for sale for parts?  Does anyone here have need for any parts from this for an MS300 or MS750 unit?

Just curious.  Thanks.