McIntosh MR71 Cable Binding Advice

I love this tuner but it lacks the jacks to handle today's heavy cables. I've been using a set of Cardas interconnects and wound up with a cracked solder connection. The Cardas plugs grab the jacks with a death grip and then there's the cable weight.

Has anyone modified the RCA jacks or can anyone recommend a suitable cable?
I have 2 Mac tuners and there is no reason to use "today's heavy cables".

There are dozens of good choices, all of which don't look like fire hoses.
Thanks for the response Audiofeil.

I realize that this may be the case and was looking for a more specific recommendation from those who have experience with this tuner.
I own the 71 and 77.

Don't overthink this issue.

There are plenty of interconnects that will do the job; in general, cables are more alike than different.
Kan: fabricate simple support blocks out of a stiff foam metarial such as used in shipping boxes. Cut to size and place the blocks underneath the cable connector such that it rests on the equipment shelf and supports the cable vertically. Takes the strain off of the jacks. You'll need to resolder the crack inside the tuner pc board or have that done by a tech if you're not adept; however it sounds like you're able to handle that yourself.
Thanks Bob...that's a good idea. My interconnects are really not fire hoses but Cardas Cross that are under 1/2" thick. The plugs are pretty serious and dangerous for those jacks however.

I have a lot of space behind my cabinet but I have to pull my components a little forward to reach behind and disconnect/connect the cables. The cabinet is backed into a corner of my room. I think it was the pulling motion when trying to disconnect the plug that caused the crack.

One of my thoughts was to upgrade the jacks so cables are no longer the issue, and was wondering if anyone has done this with success.

I have not checked out cables in a long time and the high-end audio dealers have dried up in my town. Perhaps, someone has experience with a lightweight cable/plug with excellent sound quality for my purposes.
I had the same problem with a C22 pre amp and Tara Labs cables. Mac said there was nothing wrong with their jacks and that there was no upgrade either. I soldered in a new jack and use supports like those described by Bob Bundus.
Thanks Frepec, was the new jack the same as the old or did you upgrade to something new?