McIntosh MR7083 vs. Magnum Dynalab MD100 tuner

I cannot decide between the McIntosh MR7083 and the Magnum Dynalab MD100 tuners. My system is McIntosh (MCD205 and MA6900) so the MR7083 makes sense but the MD-100 is current technology, looks great and sounds excellent. My local McIntosh retailer suggests I buy their pre-owned MR7083 for $900.

Someone told me that the "MR7083 has no real selectivity and he suggests I change all the IF filters so that it does, along with better fidelity". He also claims "the tuner tends to sound a little thin and distorted". Of course, this means more money is needed for MR7083 mods but I question if these mods are really needed. I am seriously considering the Magnum Dynalab MD-100 but I need some advise. What do you suggest? Thanks....
Head over to and read what many experts have to say. Sounds like you might live in Denver.
I agree with above, go to that site. My suggestion would be to purchase a vintage tuner at half the price and better performance. That said, would that Mac work off the remote for the 6900?
Do your self a favor and just buy the MR80 that is for sale now at this site for under $800. You will be ahead of everybody with less money.
The MR80 is a respectable tuner, but in my very humble opinion, and it is just that, an opinion, one could meet and beat the MR80 for less than $800; that said, if this person wants to buy Mac to match his sytem, I concur, buy the MR80.
Thanks for the above posts on my question on McIntosh MR7083 vs. Magnum Dynalab MD100 tuner. I am still undecided but I am believing the Magnum Dynalab MD100 tuner is the better tuner selection for me. I am in no hurry so my research continues. Additional comments are welcomed. Thanks again. cheers..
I received an email from a Magnum Dynalab FT 101a owner who reports the unit "does not have good sensitivity". He says "he is sorely disappointed in its inability to pick up any but the strongest signals". I am now getting concerned about the Magnum Dynalab MD100 tuner. Other friends have suggested I buy the McIntosh MR78 tuner. If you own the MD100, please provide me with your comments. Other tuner recommendations are requested to include the MR78. Thanks
The MR78 seems to have quite a cult following. I have never come across one in all my McIntosh swapping but on ebay, there are bidding wars over nice MR78s and they can go up to $1800 for perfect in-box ones. There were a few threads here in the past where owners raved about them. It is apparently a classic tuner with outstanding capabilities, even today. Check the archives. I would consider it but I find it a little old and don't want to deal with maintenance work on them. Arthur
I own two McIntosh tuners - an older MR73 and an MR7082.
I bought both of them used, had them aligned and checked over by my local McIntosh dealer and had both restored to "as new" condition.
Both sound great - though I consider the MR7082 to be the better unit in terms of pulling in distant stations. The sound from both is very rich and dynamic - nothing thin or nasal about the reception from either. I've heard the Magnum Dynalab FT 101A in the past at an acquaintance's home and though it sounded great. But he also was pulling in a nearby station that has a fairly powerful transmitter.
If you already have McIntosh gear, the MR7083 would probably work just great with your setup. If you decide to go with the used MR7083, make sure it was aligned and checked out by an authorized McIntosh service dealer. I mention this, because there are a number of Mac dealers who sell the line but do no actual service work. Good luck!
This is easy. Buy the Mac. Most tuners are not fed a
good signal; people attach a little wire to them and expect
great things. Wrong. Have a good signal and both tuners
will work well. I lean toward Mac because they will probably be there years hence when Dynalab is a faint
I have had a MR7082 since it was new back in the 1980's. It struggles with the very weak distant stations that are low output as I suspect any tuner would. I appreciate the information that I should probably stay with this tuner. ( I use it with a homemade integrated vacuum tube amplifier, 6J5 parallel feed connected to choke loaded mu follower 6SN7 feeding a pair of 245 triodes to woofers by direct coupling active filtering and the midrange-tweeter of my speakers. Considering the price and affordability of buying any amplifier that has these features I like, do I look like a television evangelist?) 
I went to great labor to build an antenna selector switch with led displays of the stations to which I put up towers and outdoor FM antennas to get the best reception I could from classical music FM stations.
Now I am worried that all that will become obsolete garbage if the new administration in Washington shuts down all the public radio stations and all broadcasts of classical music. This limits whether or not I might someday have my tuner aligned by a professional shop. Also, the FM stations use digital 150 kbits so analog is irrelevant. Sometimes I have to use my laptop connected through a usb that outputs similar digital output to an MSP Platinum DAC then to my homemade amplifier.
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