McIntosh MR7082 Tuner Question

I'm considering buying a used MR7082 that, according to the owner, has a dead battery that holds the station presets. First, I'd welcome anyone's opinions on this tuner. Also, is anyone familiar with this memory battery? Will the tuner memorize it's presets without this battery as long as it stays connected to ac power? Is this a costly part and can it be easily replaced by myself?
It may be a memory capacitor instead. It would need to be replaced by someone with service experience.
A comment in case this helps. (By the way, it's my tuner). When the 7082 is powered up, stations can be preset. They will remain set until powered off. According to the manual, the battery can be recharged by leaving the tuner on for 24 hours. In my case this failed. The failure occurred some time ago when the tuner went unused for over 2 years. It was perfect before that.
Hope this sheds some light. I wish I were a "techie".
we have same problem and the batteries was replaced by alkaline batteries we need the mah of the right batteries or the serial number or something like that we know they are supposed to be rechargeable
I have a MR7082 and it regularly needs battery replacements. I suspect the recharging circuit is gone. New batteries seem to last about a year. Joe