Mcintosh MQ107 Environmental Equaliser

I have a Mcintosh 107 environmental equaliser! At present, I use the same interconnect of the same brand and model to connect the preamp to environmental equaliser to the power amp!
I would like to hear from those who have used this environmental equaliser or any of Mcintosh's other environmental equaliser on:
1) whether you use the same identical interconnect to connect the pre to environmental equaliser to power OR
2) use the same interconnect as the source to connect the pre to environmental equaliser OR
3) try different combinations
Others who have used other environmental equaliser's from other companies, I would like to hear from you, too!
Thaks in advance!
Hi Ramesh,
Go to,,if this guy can't help you,then no one can!!Let me know how you did. Tim
There's a guy named Frank Gow at " His dad Gordon started Mac in 1949 with Frank McIntosh. He is a walking dictionary of Mac and audio in general. If he doesn't know the answer, or can't advise you, then there IS no answer!