McIntosh MQ101 does it work as a tone control?


Does the MQ101 Environmental Equalizer, when added to any system, works like a tone control?

I would appreciate your response.

No, This is not a tone control device ( although I am sure it would color the sound) , it is a EQ to correct and or balance the sound in any given listening room. My dad used this on his system back in the 80,s. Today he still has the same room and speakers but the EQ has been taken out, and his system never sounded better. Also, you have to hook this up with 2 sets of RCA's. Pre amps are tone controls, find the right one and it can really make your system shine, IMO.
Thank you, Matt.

I agree with you about tone controls. I am using a Klyne 6LX/P3 which I bought new in 1997, it an excellent preamp but has no tone controls.

I was searching for an APT Holman APT1 but the ones available have been used and abused. On the other hand, I don't think that its preamp section matches the Klyne.

I found this one by NBS Cables at the hefty sum of $25K.
That's an interesting device. But I believe that Matt is saying due to the design and sonic signature of a preamp, the component itself acts as the tone control for the system with nothing in it's path to introduce noise. Plus, tube rolling adds to this capability.
At least that's what I believe and I don't look for tone controls on a preamp. However, in the digital domain, you can EQ transparently.
Does the MQ101 Environmental Equalizer, when added to any system, works like a tone control?
Sorry Matt, the answer is yes. Take a look at this article for Tone control circuit. Equalization is done by adjusting tone controls. The MQ101 has 3 tone controls, low, mid, high, and their specifications are listed here. The frequency used for low is lower than that of a typical bass control, and the frequency used for high is higher than that of a typical treble control, but they are still tone controls. Even a 10 band EQ is just a device with 10 tone controls at those specific frequencies.
O my bad, its a great EQ! (NOT) My point is, it's not a good fix. IMO you would do way better by adding a quality preamp to the system, then adding a unit that colors the sound + more cables.