McIntosh ML 4C speaker offer

A relative just offered to give me a pair of ML4C speakers that his father had rarely used. The speakers have not been played for the last 15 years. The speaker cabinets are in a perfect condition but couple drivers need to be repaired or replaced. I own a McIntosh MC 352 and MX130 that I currently drive a pair of Vandesteen 3a speakers.
I plan to add these speakers to my system, but I have never listened to McIntosh speakers before. I read that these speakers are designed to be controlled by a McIntosh MQ1 or MQ2 equalizer. This is something I would have to purchase. Also physically I need to find the space for these monster speakers.
I would like to have them but I am not certain on whether the expense and trouble will be worth it. I would like to ask for any information about these speakers, quality of their sound, and any advice to help me decide on whether it is worth the trouble of adding them to my system. Thank you...
hi, these speakers are tanks in size and weight. The foam surrounds should be replaced as well as the crossovers checked. They are power hungry and do best with around 150 to 200 watts. The sound is enjoyable and smooth with great bass but they are laid-back and not very open. The EQ's are recommended to help the very low bottom end and might not be needed depending on your room. I have always wondered how they would sound elevated about 2' off the floor.
Good luck, they were very popular in their day.