McIntosh MHT200 is it worth ?


First question : I think about swapping my  McIntosh C38 for a 5.1 audio/video processor. Is it worth it to purshase a McIntosh MHT200 . My setup is actually : Front speakers McIntosh XRT-25, center speaker McIntosh HT1 and rear speakers McIntosh SL-6. All speakers have 4 Ohm impedance. The front speakers will be drive with the McIntosh MC7300.  

Second question : Is it possible to keep my C38 and the MC7300 for listening music and have them hooked to a more up to date HT receiver like the Marantz or Denon for watching movies. Your advices are welcomed .

Why don’t you buy a mcintosh MX series preamp that does music and HT? There’s plenty of them for sale. I just bought a factory refreshed mx120 for $999. Most of them average from $999-$4999.