Mcintosh Meter color help, it's Is it faded, not blue? Is it faded?


Newbie here, looking for Mcintosh help. I have just purchased a Mcintosh MC152 and love it, but the meters look off, they are light green and faded, just a hint of blue.

I noticed the white shroud inside the case and behind the meters have medium sized yellow / brown burn stains close where the bulbs sit. Looks like the lamps may have been on all the time and things got heated.

If there any way to get the nice blue glow back?


Check with Audio Classics.  They may have an LED bulb upgrade kit for your amplifier.  Those + translucent "blue" inserts are what provide the color for McIntosh meters.
The MC152 does not use bulbs, it comes from the factory with LED lighting. 
Thank you for the help!  I had all the bulbs replaced by a local tech and he used normal non LED lamps?  Did he put the wrong ones in?