McIntosh Meter

Finally changed the glass on a McInosh MC7200. While working on it the black plastic screw on the face of the meter fall out. What does this screw do? On my other 3 meters with the power off the needles rest at -60 or a hair above. The one where the screw fell out rests at -52. Do not know where it rested before the screw fell out.


That could be the meter needle adjustment screw used to position the needle at zero and to match the other one. I have used it to match needle resting points on reel to reel decks before.

Dill you are correct. Took it apart today to get a picture for my service center. So I turned the screw / cam and watched the needle going up and down on the meter that I hadn’t touched. The offending meter would only go up. So popped out the screw cam and put it in correctly now the needle can be adjusted up and down.

It is too bad the old MC7200 glass wasn’t in stock when it was being serviced because replacing it and the bulbs is a lot of work. I remember a while back someone was not happy with the $300 charge to change the lights. It is worth it especially if you have to change the glass. There was a lot of parts glued to the glass.

I have a McIntosh MC352 which ive owned since 2007. The amp never has a problem except for the lights have gone really dim on the nomenclature and now the meters are starting to dim as well, I am fortunate that I was able to obtain one of the last kits sold that converts the old Chicago lamps to beautiful green/blue LED. I may just have to send it off to get this done after reading your post.

I must admit I have a problem and am addicted to McIntosh meters...! The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.🤨