McIntosh mda1000

Found one for sale 3495.00 is this a fair price,is it a good dac? Thanks scooter 
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For that money, I would get something more current.
DAC's have  improved significantly in the past 10 years. The Mac is from around '06. Which is not saying it sounds bad, but I think for the money you could do better.
The modern chips used are so much better. That model states THD <0.002% at 1kHz, the Chord Qutest is <0.0002% at 1kHz, that’s 20 decibels better (for a speaker amp that’s like going from 100W to 10,000W).

The Chord Qutest or Benchmark DAC3 L would be more transparent and cheaper.
First off, I own the Mac dac. Regardless of what the previous posters have said, I feel the dac is amazing even by todays standards. Has a very analog sound along with steller resolution top to bottom. It's my final dac purchase. The price is the average going rate in excellent condition. Is it possible to try it before buying if your using a dealer? I highly recommend it.