Mcintosh MDA 1000, world class or ..?

Not many discussions here at audiogon about this Dac, I wonder why? This dac is being raved all over at but I wonder how it compares to top contenders from Dcs, Meitner and Esoteric,etc.
I like Mac stuff IN ITS PROPER PLACE, particularly my new MC275 amp. But some of the Mac-folk on AK remind me a little bit of certain Fundamentalists, whose reality doesn't seem to extend much beyond McINTOSH ;--)

It's amusing to me, but they have no sense of humor about it. And though McIntosh has had a number of bombs, they stridently defend the brand. I'm not saying their DAC isn't any good, but before you believe the "raves" I'd do some A-B ing if I were you -- Mac-fundamentalists never A-B Mac equipment with other brands (why bother ;--)
The MDA1000 is an amazing DAC, I have not A/B compaired it to other DAC's but have heard other DAC's and do beleave it is one of the best. Using my preamp I have done A/B compairsons with the DAC in and out and there is a hugh difference, almost analog like. I will never trade mine for anything else. I like McIntosh gear but I like DIY better these days.

Thank you very much for the responses. I just want to explain my background. I have recently sold my Dcs Elgar/Purcell that I had been using for 7-8 years. At the time I bought them, they were the leader in upsampling technology and I lived happily with them for quite a long time. I need a new dac that improves on my Dcs but without the complication of the Elgar/purcell and all the cables involved(I also used the Apogee Big Ben which necessitate 5 aes-ebu to connect all of them)
Mark, could you give me more details about your a/b comparison test between Mcd 1000 and other dacs. Have you compared with Dcs?
I have had the mda1000 for some time now and I can assure you its one of the best out there. I use a Slimdevices SB3 into the mda1000 directly driving the MC275 power amp.
I have compared this DAC to the Audio Aero Prima dac and Bel Canto DAC3 and the MDA 1K was much better. Its the most natural sounding dac with plently of details. This DAC is fully balanced diff DAC and has a very solid preamp built into it.
You should definitely audition it.
Wow, thank so much for your response. I've been to Hongkong Hifi Show a few years ago and heard the Mc 2kw system which included the Mcd/Mda 1000 and I was very impressed. I just bought a pair of Pipedream 18 and very much need a good source for my system. Other than Mcintosh I am also interested in Esoteric x01 and Meitner Dac6e, I guess I couldn't go wrong with either of these 3 choices?
I wonder if Mcintosh even makes the MDA-1000 or is it rebranded as in the case of the MS-300. A lot of MS-300's up for sale since the disclosure of who is acutally sourcing the product. I wonder who really builds the MDA-1000.
Pro_sys_svc, doesn't the same holding company (DK I think) that owns Denon abd Marantz, also own McIntosh? You can bet Macs players and maybe other products are sourced from their sister companies. I don't have a problem with that (basically) but the problem I have is that Mac is still selling the illusion that everything they offer is ground-up McIntosh (and of course, ergo, the "best" in the world!)

It's so silly. Wadia, who I think everyone, even folks who own other high end digital like Meitner, etc., would agree produces among the finest digital playback equipment in the world. Yet Wadia makes no secret, and in fact advertises that they use the very best transport from TEAC/Esoteric. So what's the big deal with Mac? Maybe one day they'll come out of their bubble ;--)

And some Mac owners (not me!) rabidly defend this silly illusion -- often more stridently than the company itself. Now they're a REAL pain ;--)
Hi, I just purchased the new Accustic Art Mk4 and it is awesome. Having said that I have always wanted to try the McIntosh gear, IE 501's and MDA 1000. I like the fact that the MDA 1000 has a built in preamp as well. I have a friend who will trade me his MDA for my AA Mk4 and I am tempted. The funny thing is I am almost sure that the AA will be MUCH better and I am still tempted to trade?????? I have yet to find anyone that has actually A/B the mac unit to others such as the DCS or Dodson or AA? Anybody out there compared the MDA to other world class units?
Thanks, Guy
Hi, Playtheblues, I think you yourself are the one in a very good position to do a comparison test between the Mda1000 vs AA Mk4. That would be very interesting indeed.