McIntosh MCD205 vs. McIntosh MCD201

What the sound quality differences between the McIntosh MCD205 and the new McIntosh MCD201? I own the MCD205, McIntosh MA6900 Integrated amp and Souns Faber Grand Piano Domus speakers. I just heard about the MCD201 so your comments are requested. I am running a balanced connection from the MCD205 to the Integrated. Thanks
Has anyone heard the McIntosh MCD201 cd player yet?
I picked up a MCD201 on Saturday. It sounds great. The other players I considered were the MCD205 and the Cary Audio CD303. The MCD205 wasn't close to either player. The Cary and the MCD201 were very close. I like the MCD201 better and it will play SACDs but it was splitting hairs. When I got it home I played Sara K Hobo on it and the same DVD Audio on my Pioneer Elite 47Ai. The MCD201 sounded better with a red book CD than the Pioneer with DVD Audio. I played some SACDs and the sound was amazing. I had a CAL Audio Aria Mark III from 1990. This sounds better than that. It was $3300. They wouldn't discount it but did comp me 2 meter balanced cables. This CD player is worth a listen. It is my understanding they are hard to find. It took mine 3 weeks to come in and McIntosh delivered it earlier than they had originally said.

Alanlyon. Have you tried using the MCD201 via the variable outputs straight into an amp? If so can you comment on the sound quality?
I have not tried that yet. I hope to try in the next week or so. I will not be able to run it in that mode because I have it as part of my home theater system. I have a B&K Ref 50 that I connect to my McIntosh C2200. The C2200 goes into passthru mode when I am using the theater. The C2200 is connected to a MC402 amp. I am using Martin Logan Assent i speakers. I will post the result when I try it. I did read on another site someone liked the MCD201 straight to the amp better than going through the C2200.

I just bought McIntosh MCD201 player and am selling it 3 weeks later. My one year old Arcam cd192 had transport problems then ate a CD. In frustration I thought I was upgrading to a better player and bought the Mac. Although the build is obviously much sturdier than the Arcam, the sound is not close to it. By contrast to the Arcam, I feel like I am listening through speakers. With the Arcam and a good cd it sounded almost live. The highs on the Mac sound like tin, the bass has much less definition.

I tried upgrading the cable to a Silver Streak Kimber. It helped, but the basic difference between the two players remained. Although I loved the Arcam's sound, this weekend I plan to audition a Moon player.