McIntosh MCD205 vd McIntosh MCD7009


Well I think its time I finally updated my cd player (I'm using an old carver right now). My question is whether I should go for the MCD205 or the MCD7009. I heard the MCD205 the other day and I was quite impressed with it but I also don't want to spend that kind of money on a cd player. That's where the MCD7009 comes in to play. Is it close to the MCD205 or are there noticable differences. I loved the fact that the MCD205 sounded almost as if it were vinyl, will the 7009 have the same effect?

Heres the rest of my system.

McIntosh MC352
McIntosh C2200
Transparent Cabling
Mirage M1 Speakers (I'm gonna keep'em for now the JM labs were good but pricey and these seem to work great with mac equipment)

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the mcd 7009 is a little more cinical than the 205. not in a levinson sense, but the 205 sounds more tube-like compared to the more detailed 7009
Go with the 7009 I had the 8. Its is very good. There are better players for the money but an all Mac system is not half bad.
I doubt you can go wrong here. I owned the 205 for a couple of years and thought it a truely fine redbook CD player. And, it is a changer which you might use more than you think. I am sure the 9 is nice too though, but I have never heard it.
or consider the newly-released single disk MCD201 CD/SACD player...