McIntosh MCD205: Noise issues?

I just took ownership of a used MCD205 and am surprised at the amount of disc noise emanating from the player while a disk is playing. It sounds sort of like crickets at night, and I can hear it from 8 feet away between passages.

I realize the 201 has had problems in this area, but my research on the changer models led me to believe they were built using totally different mechanical components, and I found no mention of play noise in regard to the MCD205.

Can any 205 owners (past or present) comment?
Did I get what would be considered a "normal for Mac" unit? My cheapo $100 garage use Marantz player can't be heard unless I get within 6 inches of it.
I would say that something is definitly wrong. First I would pop the cover and determine if anything has come in contact with the transport. If you determine that it is free from any foriegn objects in there. Then I would contact McIntosh and get a RMA# and send it back to them.
I can't speak as to how they will handle it, but I had an experience years ago with an MSD4 and it cost me shipping costs to get it them. They fixed it for free and shipped it back in a new box. They may not be as generous with you depending on the issue, but they will fix it.
Thanks Theo. I'm actually considering sending this one back since it does come with a 2 week guarantee, and I paid what the market would consider "full price".
If you have that option, I would recommend that.