Mcintosh MCD vs Wadia

I just bought a new MCD301 and love it. Better than the old Marantz SA11S1 i've used in 3 years. But i also heard many good thing about Wadia CDP and very curious how it sounds, I never have a chance compare the two on my system. Does anyone do a comparison between of them?
I have a Wadia 781i which was just updated from a 581. We recently had the McIntosh MCD500 in for review.

I found the Mc to be an excellent player and DAC for the money, but still did not have the ultimate resolution that the Wadia did and the Wadia probably has the best bass slam of anything I've heard yet.

But the MC500 is awesome for the money. Only complaint is that I wish it had a USB input.... However that may not be an issue for you...
Thanks Bmwjeff. Hardly see people do this comparison. Right now i'm happy with my MCD but what you said about Wadia make me want to own one. Hopefully one day i can buy a 781 for myself. Or may be 581 is more realistic.