McIntosh MCD-7009 sound quality?

I'm considering buying a McIntosh MCD-7009 in a private sale situation where I won't be able to listen to it prior to buying it (it needs to be shipped quite a distance). I'm not concerned with the quality of build, etc. as I am familiar with McIntosh products. My question is how this player (manufactured 1996) stands up to the newer technology rigs now available sonically? Does anyone have enough familiarity with the unit to give me some advice? Even at 8 years old it is still relatively expensive and I hate to put money into something that is actually outdated.

The McIntosh 7009 is a great player and you are buying it as a classic piece of McIntosh gear not to compete with today's newer technology. The sound is decent and the transport is solid. Yes, there are better and cheaper CDP's but they don't say McIntosh on the front.