mcintosh mcd 7008 front panel lights dont work

Hi fellow agoner's please help long time agon seller and buyer dont post much,i have the 7008 cd player which I love,the front logo and front panel lights were burned out so i replaced them with lamps i ordered from mc,when the unit is powered up the lights dont come on.Everything else works perfect cd display works fine,I changed the belts also since I had it apart load belt and laser belt which was a breeze,any thoughts on this problem would greatly appreciated I put a volt meter to lamp pin sockets on the circuit board show no voltage havnt soldered them yet to the board but they still should light correct? amature at this first time.

My medium budget system c35 pre and a mc7200 power amp, mirage om 8 and dynaudio audience 70 speakers which i like both but.. king cobras all around,second system mc225 updated by mr dewick long wait but worth it,best tube amp I have heard and a xiang sheng 728a tube pre dead quiet the mc225 and the xs get along fine like they know each other a yaqin tube phono stage,technics sp10 mk2 tt epa 250 tonearm and a pickering xvs 3000 cartridge and epi m100 speaker's music to my ears!! JAZZ lover

Sorry for the long post
Sounds like the power supply to the lighting. McIntosh uses a 5 or 12 volt power supply for their lighting depending on the vintage. Give a call in the morning, they are very helpful and may know of a fuse between the light board and the power supply or maybe between the main board and the power supply. Also look at and see if they have a downloadable schematic that may help you locate the fuses or how to isolate the power supply.
Hi thanks for your respons tried those folks at AC tech told me they do cd players anymore tried to explain the problem acted like he was trying hear it cold.Anyway it looks like all power comes from the main ps in the back of the player will try berners site fo schmatics.