Mcintosh MCD-500 vs Esoteric X-05

On the market for another SACD/CD player in the $6K retail price range. Building a secondary system for my winter retreat.

What is the better sounding player in mainly CD playback?

SACD is secondary since I only have about 100 sacds verse 7000 CDs.

Also, what is the better player overall for value and construction and reliability ?

Thank you for your help in advance.
Noticed you have not had any responses yet so I thought I would share my experience with my three SACD/CD players, one of which is the MCD-500, the others being the Marantz SA-11S2 and the Ayre C-5xeMP. All are excellent at both redbook and SACD, but in my comparisons and in my systems, the Ayre is superior to the other two. The Marantz and the Mcintosh are pretty close sonically and so that suggests to me that the Marantz is a better value when you consider its far lower cost.
I have a McIntosh. Had a Meridian. Get the Meridian it is the best at any model price point
Esoteric X-05 hands down. I had sold the McIntosh MCD500 and bought the Esoteric X-05 once I compared them at home.

McIntosh has great products and really standout with there amplifiers.

Esoteric is one of the leaders in designing digital gear.

Esoteric X-05 is probably the best bargain in High End Audio SACD/CD players.
I own the Mac MCD-500, I purchased it after spending time with the X-05 and the Ayre, and I also auditioned the Audio Research CD7.

The MCD-500, in my opinion, has more flesh to it, it's more "real" sounding then the other players.

I should also include that I had 3 weeks with the Marantz SA7S1, and I preferred the Mac to that player as well.

CD/SACD players are like everything else, they are system dependent, some systems will benefit from certain qualities and others will not.

I can't imagine anyone not being happy with the MCD-500.

I will include however, if I were doing this again I would purchase the Luxman D-06 without hesitation.

Good Luck.