McIntosh Mcd 301 glass replacement

Anyone know where I can get a replacement glass for the McIntosh mcd301 CD player. I bought it used and when it arrived the glass was crack.  Best if anyone in the Bay Area know of a local place. Thanks 
Call mcintosh service in New York. If it’s anywhere it’s there. Figure about $200 plus install
I bet the CD player was not shipped in the factory cartons with the factory packaging.  That is a sure disaster for broken glass.  I have passed on many a McIntosh because the owner didn’t have the original shipping cartons.  If McIntosh doesn’t have the glass already I stock, you may need to wait months until they can make it as they make all the glass fronts right at the factory. Good luck
Some are easy to install and some are not. I’ve had three different Macintosh units apart and found them to be all little different.Wish I had a better answer for you