McIntosh MCD-205 Changer?

Has anyone heard this? It is interesting because the transport is not a carrousel, it is the Music Bank elevator mechanism by Nakamichi. Tellig said that you no longer have to sacrafice convenience for sound quality.

I am also considering using my Adcom carrousel as the transport and buying a high-end DAC. The problem with this solution is that the transport contributes a lot to the sound quality...
I have the 205 Changer, Not sure if I understand your question?
The MCD205 is a very cool CD player. The CDs all feed into one slot and it sorts them internally. Pretty cool to see. The "spool-up" time is a little long (about like the Sony C555ES actually) but the sound is worth it - warm, full, articulate, and sweet. It is of typical family origins: a little dark, a little laid-back, but intensely musical. It is just my type of sound so I like it very much. I wish I could afford it now but I can't quite yet. One day I will get one. Good luck! Arthur
the mcd 205 is the best thing to happen to digital front ends in a long time...very warm and natural sounding, extremely well built(second to none) and a changer to also handles disce better than anything i've owned. this thing is outstanding on all types of music, as well as poorly mastered cd' typical mac fashion it is a well kept secret.
Guys - this is great advice!

I am unfamiliar with Mac products, only very recently having convereted to tubes :-) I like this idea of something dark, musical and warm sounding that doesn't make old recordings sound like trash!
its a keeper
After months of looking, I finally purchased the McIntosh MCD205 CD player from the House of Music in San Francisco. It is running balanced into my McIntosh MA6900 integrated amp with Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers (older model) and it sounds excellent. It is very warm sounding and natural. The disk loading mechanism is easy to use and it works perfectly. I suggest you go listen to one. cheers..
Good advice - I will search for one to borrow this weekend. I am driving the Vienna Acoustics Strauss speakers with a pair of VTL-450MBs, so the MCD205 should match up very nicely... and it would be a step above my Adcom carrousel changer!

I am just unwilling to depart with the convenience of a changer, and I am willing to pay for quality. Why don't more high end audio companies get it?
Pardon me guys but all I read is how good the MCD205 in your systems. What about sound comparison with CDP in the similar price range? AERO PRIMA 12/192, Wadia 301, Rega Jupiter, Cary 308T etc....

I'd really like to hear from someone who's done an AB comparison. I too am considering the MCD205 but for $2600 are there better sounding units for that same price or less?

I like the 5 disc feature (Nachamichi transport)and the MC build quality and versatile connections.

Any feedback on this would be very much appreciated.

My system: SF line2se, MC402, ML Ascent, Pioneer CLD D604, Audioquest interconnects, Changs Lightspeed CLS6600 conditioner.
The MCD205 is a good player, but it can be beat by others. Last year I compared it with a Rega Jupiter and preferred the Jupiter. The Jupiter was smoother and more musical. The thing I don't like about the MCD205 is that if you want to change a disc you have to stop playing the current CD. With carousel mechanisms you can continue playing a CD while you change out the others.
Budrew, thank you for sharing your AB comparison between the MC205 and Rega Jupiter. So I take it that you got rid of your MCD205? I read your thread posted over a year ago when you just got the 205. Appreciate the info..

I have owned a 205 for a little over 1 year now. I can compare it to the Anthem CD-1 (tubed changer), and the Sony 333 and XA777ES. I have the 205 because I wanted a changer and it can be worked from the same remote as the rest of my MAC gear (MA6900 and MR85). It is a great sounding player - warm, articulate and very musical (I agree with JRD351's description). It is better on redbook than the 333 was and I find it pretty close to the XA777 on redbook (in fact, I would settle by calling them different not placing one over the other). It sounded much better than the Anthem as well.

I used to use my 205 as a transport connected to the MSB platinum plus DAC. Eventually I sold the MSB because I preferred the sound of the 205 by itself over the combo. The MSB did some nice things that the 205 alone did not, but the 205 was just more musical and invovling on its own.

It is a drawback that you have to stop the music to change a disk, but that is the only drawback I can think of as far as an excellent sounding multi-disc player is concerned.

There is one on sale here at audiogon right now for $1800. Good Luck,
The Jupiter is a very different sound than the 205 and I would not say the Jupiter is more musical IMO, but they were playing in different systems.... I seek out musicality above all else and agree with Pardales that the 205 is very musical indeed and looks great. I am glad to hear about the 333 comparison because I want one. I would get the 205 but can't afford it yet. Arthur
Thanks for sharing more feedback on CDPs.
I'm not familiar with D Sony ex series CDPs. Although I have a Sony MDX-5 (5 disc CD carousel player w/MD recorder/player) which I now rarely use since my Pioneer CD/LD player sounded better.

I'm on a hunt to complete my system with a better source.
After reading reviews from various Audiophile websites, here are the 2 contenders(w/ my concerns)in my book: Aero Prima 24/192(Product Support & rare); MC205(Sound quality to price ratio, would b nice if tube output).

Had the chance to auditioned the Meridian 588 CDP w/ their DSP8000 spkrs. That was one smooth ...very smooth..soothing system to listen too..the piano....Diana Krall..just amazing but out of my league.

I'm set to audition these two(Aero & Mc) CDPs next monday w/ my Pioneer CDP for an AB comparison. This definitely should be interesting.

Still on a dilema whether to just add a DAC or get a new CDP.
Jolen laub: Trust what your ears tell you. If you want SACD you might consider one of the Sony's 555 or 333. Good Luck,
I had completed auditioning the Aero Prima and the MCD 205 yesterday in SF. Brought my old CD/LD player for an AB comparison at each store.

Store1: Had KEF speakers, MC402, C39 pre setup- After listening to the system and switching between the MCD 205 and the old player, there definitley was a difference in soundstage and dynamics. The 205 ws more compose, solid bass, and instruments sounded what they should.

Went to Store 2: Theil CS 1.6,Prima Integrated,- found the speakers to be on the bright side. I was so use to the logans that I found it difficult to tell the difference.
But then the store owner played a different CD.
The soundstage and detail definitely was better with the Aero Prima CDP.

Auditions tokk me over 2 hours at each store.

This was a very good learning experience for me. Since room acoutics and associated gears used in these 2 auditions were different from mine I'm convince that I have to bring these units at my home to really appreciate what I'm after.

Next.. I will try and see if this will be possible.
I will take my time in auditioning other CDP b4 I make my decision. Thank all of you audiogoners for the valuable feedbacks on my quest for a new CDP.
I purchased a MCD205 from World of Sound in Marin just a few months ago because I felt it was the best cd changer on the market.

It's a GREAT sounding player. Very detailed and warm sound to it.

The unit itself, like all Mac stuff, is very well built. The Nakamichi musicbank system is what IBM uses on some of their servers.

I love it.

After months of debate on which CDP to get, I finally got the MCD 205. Improvements are not subtle. The Ascent came out from singing to magical. The MCD 205 had better dynamics, more body,warmth, detail and very musical. And the built quality is top-notch like you would expect from Mcintosh. (Although it replaced a low end digital source I wasn't quite ready how much improvement to expect)
Now I can enjoy longerrr listening sessions.
Cost/performance ratio is what sold me, you get more bang for your bucks.
Now it leaves me wandering if adding a DAC would be worth it.
Thanks A-goners for all your help and sharing your ideas and experiences on this wonderful site.
Congratulations and Enjoy!
the mcd205 is in my opinion the most natural sounding player(let alone changer)at any price.....most who own it stop worrying about comparisons of digial vs analogue and start buying music.
This hobby is just so addicting that it makes me want more.
After experiencing dramatic improvements you just have to say enough! Or...let's push it some more to the next level hmmm... Now I get a funny feeling being so-called an "audiofool". Anyways I'd like to add the MF A324 DAC. I feel I just have the need to do this to satisfy my curiosity. It will work via Toslink with my old CDP or the MCD 205 via coax. A-goners have mentioned that even inexpensive CDPs (Old CDP) can do wonders w/ DAC.
But thank you again co-goners. I know I'll be enjoying this system of mine for years to come.

I have had an MCD205 for about a year and I love it. Here's one issue, and I wonder if anyone else is experiencing it: the transport mechanism issues a high-pitched whine when spinning (like a hard drive spinning up). Faint, high-register, but audible when music is at low volume, and at any time between tracks. I can hear it across an 8 foot room. But its one of those things that other people don't notice it until I point it out.

Anybody have this problem, or know whether it is just a characteristic with which I will have to live? Thanks.
So far have listened to the Ayre cx7e, cx5e, and the Rega Saturn, a CEC but not the 1500.00 one. I still like the mcd 205. Im still curious about the new Cambridge Audio Azur 840c given the reviews. The Esoteric comes to mind, and possibly an Accuphase. A couple of those are way above the price of the mcd 205, The mcd 205 did not give up to much to the Ayre's. The Rega Saturn has the sweet spot to me that is really awesome, but outside of that it didn't do it for me. I would like to hear the whole sacd thing, but the way I've started to listen to cd's lately the transport of having 5 loaded up with that sound quality mmmm :-)

Still want to hear a couple more before I $$$.


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I own a MCD205 for 3 years now, and I am very happy with it. I have tried other CD players like Mephisto IIX and Accuphase DP-67 but did not experience improvement over the sound the 205 delivers. Even using the MCD 205 as a transport and feeding the signal to the DAC of the DP-67 (which has some very good reviews) there was really no difference, maybe a slightly softer sound with the 205. So I deduct that the 205 transport is pretty good and the Dac too. On top of that you can load your selected CD's and play music for about 5 hours in a row without having to get up to load the player.
I plan to keep the MCD 205 forever.
Went with an LP12, who knew... :-)
Just purchased a mcd205, and the first thing I had to do was to turn off my sub!! subtle passages are now very distinct and clear, and the dynamics are amazing. This player does something to music that cannot be described. One problem though, it skips on scrached cd's. Any suggestions?