McIntosh MCD 205

Will not play some red book CD's ?????????
Is tracking a problem??
Wondering why, Mac says its the CD's.
are we talking a couple or lots?
have you tried them in another player ?, I have the same cd player and occasionally it takes aliitle time to read some cds, but then is fine, I called Mac and they said the laser may need to be adjusted. I just haven't done it yet.
I owned a 205 for almost three years and it never had any problems reading a disc. I think it is the best sounding CD changer out there.
I have owned a MCD205 for about two years and 99% of the time disc start is quick. However, sometimes a particular disc is slow to start but after the first song starts everything is ok. Thare have been times, very limited, when I would have to eject a disc and re-insert to get it to start.