McIntosh MCD 1100 quality and alternatives

I am considering the McIntosh MCD1100 to listen to music in the office:
- Mainly pop, rock, progressive and some jazz.
- I may listen to CDs or SACDs but I will mostly input lossless files from a MacBookAir via USB. Files resolution is CD quality and above.
- I will only use headphones (no speakers) mostly Grado RS1i (alternatively Beyerdynamic T1).

Do you find the McI to be a good choice? Any better alternatives for the same price (12.000€ / 15.000USD)?

This is a world class player, maybe a waste just to leave in an office for headphone use. As far as sonics it surpasses the Meridian 808.2 that I owned prior. Not sure headphones will do it justice. But a wonderful unit regardless of its application.