McIntosh MC7100 - power switch, leave it on?

Hey all,

I bought a MC7100, later model. The power switch is on the back.

I own a Naim Nait 3, which has the same configuration, and the users manual says to never turn it off. (hmmm, should I?)

Anyway, do I always leave this Mac on or not?
Amplifier is ss, tuner uses tubes. Should be ok to leave on but I'm always nervous to leave a tube product powered up when I leave the house. Probably not an issue w small signal tubes tho.
I'm not keen on leaving anything powered up when I'm not around. You never know what might happen. My 7100 runs the center channel in the HT half of my rig, so doesn't see much use. Simpler for me to turn it on only when I need it. I could use the trigger function from my MAC 3, but I don't always want to use the processor.

Good luck & happy listening!
If it is awkward to get to the rear of the amp then get a power strip with an on and off switch . Plug the amp into that and turn it on and off from the power strip. I would not leave an amp on all the time.
Thanks, guys. I am wondering if McIntosh designed it to always stay on. Otherwise, why put the power switch on the back? I too don't like to just leave things on eternally, I guess I do lean towards turning it off.
Other than the lights going dim sooner, there is no problem with leaving the 7100 on all the time. In fact its better for it. I leave my SS Mac amp on for days at a time, if I know I will be listening.