mcintosh mc602

hi everyone, any thoughts of this amplifier?
I could never understand, why put an output transformer on (if well made?) a solid state amp, to add colouration's? to me it’s just bizarre.

Cheers George
If you're referring to the Autoformers, there're plenty of write-ups online explaining the design objectives and their benefits.
Yeah there are, but the negatives for me anyway far out weigh any positives they "may" have, very much like using another brand of auto transformer on a decent solid state amp. Just band-aid fixes so they can drive lower impedance's.

Cheers George
  i read that mcintosh has a patent on their autoformers.
Can you point us to where you read that, with a link?

Cheers George
Hello all,

If you can find evidence showing that Mac has a patent on their autoformers,I would like to see it as well.

I think they tried to but never succeeded.

I haven't owned any Mac gear in about 25yrs and I certainly don't miss it one bit even the tube amps I had.

We have a fair size audio club in my area and every once a while I get to hear a Mac product of some kind always reminds me of the sound I don't care for.

Properly pairing components together with Impedance matching in mind would never need autoformers,but I do know some folks that just love their Mac gear and wouldn't have anything else.


Rehashing this discussion again is generally pointless since the arguments on both sides have been made ad nauseam. Either way, the bottom line is component matching and not how a single component is designed in the audio chain.

g_nakamoto, do your research and buy what makes you happy.

Whenever I have heard the MC602 I have been impressed with the power and sound but the amp is a beast in weight and size and I could see hurting myself trying to move it. I am able to move two MC601's individually. 
Pro's - great effortless sound, Con - heavy!  My 501's weigh 98 pounds each, have no handles.  It's like moving a couple of boulders….not good for the back!