Mcintosh mc601 vs Pass Labs XA 100.8

I have a mcintosh mc-601 monoblocks amplifiers, I have a dynaudio c4 confidence speakers and ayon cd5s cdplayer, I want to buy a new amplifier, a Pass Labs XA 100.8 POWER AMPLIFIER is a good options? Is a upgrade in relation to the macs 601?
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I think your MC601 is a much better amp than the pass Labs
Your speakers in the bass have a 4ohm load and a nasty -50degrees of negative phase angle, which together the amp may see a combined EPDR (equivalent peak dissipation resistance) of around 2ohms or less. This is not the kind of load that I would like a transformer coupled amp to see.

Go with the Pass Labs maybe.

Cheers George
01-25-15: Miketuason
"I think your MC601 is a much better amp than the pass Labs"

I guess you didn't compare them both? You are taking nonsense.

I think you need to comprae them before you can judge. The 100.8 is full class A. Beside this it build the stage differently.

I autioned many Mcintosh amps during shows and at shops. It has a very involving sound. But in my personal opinion Pass Lbas brings you closer to the music. I never had a felling that I wanted to buy a Mcintosh myself. It is not bad, but it misses that special touch I want and need.

Pass labs is expeptional in allthe layers of the mid freq. This is the most important part of an amp.

Just look for an audition and you will find out which one you prefer!
Pass 100.8 is much better better bass definition, more dynamic,better stage width and depth.
Sorry if you've already read this in some other posts, but I have some experience comparing these two brands (but not the models, so YMMV). I compared the MC402 to Pass Labs x250.5 and xa30.5. On my Thiel 2.4s the Pass amps easily outclassed the similarly priced Mcintosh. The 402 had been used by the previous owners of my 2.4s, and he'd loved it, so it could be enjoyable, but both Pass amps had more of everything Bo mentioned. I eventually settled on the XA model, as it was the more natural of the two Pass amps on my speakers.
too bad the dynaudios aren't bi-ampable. you would put the Macs on the bass and the Pass Labs on the mids/highs.
Bi-amping with different amps is not that easy to get it perfectly ballanced. I would not go for that.

I invite many of my clients to take a listen to my set at home. Because this is the easiest way to explain all different parts which need to be there for the absolute sound. In most situations there is always a part missing. So I invite them so that they can listen wha is missing. This works very effective.

Audio is my world, and I test on and on. It never stops. You need to test every single tool separately. You need to know each property it owns. For me it is very easy to understand the difference between a Mcintosh and Pass labs. I cab get all properties out of a Pass labs amp. I can garantee you that I can outperform any Mcintosch with it. Even for free I would not want a Mcintosh. Most people here at Audiogon do not have this level of insight. So I understand why the buy a Mcintosh.

When people of audioshops would be able to get all properties out of a Pass Labs amp they would sell a lot less Mcintosh amps. It depends on the right focus and knowledge!!
I give you another example. The fist Pass labs set I bought was the XA-100.5 and XP-20. At that time I prefered the XA series far over the X series. Here at Audiogon most people also prefer the XA series. And I understand.

But.....when I receieved teh Purist Audio Limited powercable my thoughts changed. Because with these powercables I can create a better endresult than with a XA poweramp.

Why? The Limited gives you a superior open and musical mid freq. compared to other powercables. It is like your X series ampo sounds like a XA amp. Beside this there is more air in the high freq. And you have more drive and speed, also at low volume levels. These parts togheter give me a better endresult. At the end the endresult counts most. Audio is all about focus and using the properties of a tool to the max!
This is one of the funniest posts I have read in quite a while. I am a musician, electrical engineer and audiophile. Make my living playing music. So what? Any opinion I have is just mine. Go and listen to the amps and buy what you like. Both are great products.
Bi-amping with different amps is not that easy to get it perfectly ballanced. I would not go for that.

Ok Bo, why is that, please.
I tried it several times. The stage became less precise and less deep and wide. Even when I used poweramps of the same brand and line. I thought that it would work fine, but I was wrong.

I think it can work, but you ened to test it first. Compare it and you will understand what the differences are.
So, I take it you don't recommend passive bi-amping? How about active bi-amping with an external crossover?
Audio is all about comparing and testing. To create an external crossover you need the right skills.

When you want more controle and drive I would advice a more powerfull amp.

I owned the XA30.5, XA60.5, XA100.5, X250.5 and now the X350.5. I use it with the Purist Audio Limited edition. What this powercable does is impressive. The difference between this powercable and a 500 dollar powercable is this big that even a Pass Labs worth twice the price will not create this endresult. Most people who have this a s a hobby often use a low % of the whole quality of an amp.

That is why I use blind auditions to make this clear. Audio is in my world about facts. The best endresults wins. This is the only thing that counts!
Ok, I got it now, more powerful stereo amp...

That's cool about that power cable. It must be something else!

I agree, it's all about results.
I have created my own way of Roomcorrection. This is da Bomb.
Because I can outperform many highend pre amp with ease. At
this moment a Onkyo PR-SC 5509 will be modified with highend

But we go a lot further then this. We do this as well. But
also the chips will be replaced and many electronic parts.

In a battle against the Audio research Ref5SE it became clear
how superior the Onkyo with my Pro roomcorrection was. I had
the Pass labs Xp-20 for over 2 years of time. But the 5509
with my pro outperfroms the XP-20 on all parts you judge it

- so much more authorithy
- superior timing and speed
- superior blacks
- so much sharper individual focus of instruments and voices.
- a lot more details
- much more air
- superior articulation of voices
- the edge of a voice, with the Ref5SE, this parts was not
even there.
- so much deeper and wider the stage was.
- even in sound it was better.

This was even without the Modification. This modification is
quite extensive. It will be mind blowing inclusing the Pro

I have but a lot of time to test and compare roomcorrection.
The way people use the roomcorrection they make a huge
mistake. I had to learn to do it differently. Because the
measure at wrong heights and places. In the beginning I did it
like they tell you. I noticed the limitation in the dynamics.
Then the testing started and it went to a level I never could
imagine. In the last weeks I had a few visits of people who
are in this business or have a highend set. Many said that
this is the best sound they ever experienced. There is so much
more authorithy and infomrtations. I never heard any set in
any shop or show ( I visited many in 17 years of time) with
the black level I have now. Many people are overwhelmed by the
sound. Ths difference between what they know is that big.

I can create a stunning sound even in a worse acoustic room.
Stealth low freq. is a part of the roomcorrection. This is the
roomcorrection of the subwoofer. I have created a level of
intgration most people never experienced. I said to my clients
and many people who work in audio who also visited me that
some people at Audiogon called me a lier. They had to lauch
and said;stealth low freq is here at your house, they never
heard it. For them it doens't exists.

You need the fastest subwoofers on the market to create it.
Then you get a level in sound to die for. I also use the best
cables on the market and they are a big part in the stunning
sound. The level of 3d sound in depth, width and height is
difficult to believe and understand.

I auditionend many sets of 500.000 euro +, but even did not
give me this level of perfection I have now at home.

Beside my consulting I want to do more shows. So I can proof
and demo this level in sound for many people as possible.
Audio is about facts and proof that it is the best and most
convincing sound. The endresult in sound says it all!

Ok, Bo, thanks for that. I found it interesting.
You need to make it as good and clear possible. Then there is no discussion that it is the best.

In the last week I changed the standard fuses with Hifi-Tuning fuses. They are the best on the market. An mann for this price you can create a level what evne with many expensive cables is nt even possible.

There are many ways to improve sound. I am addicted to get a higher level on an on. As a perfectionist it never stops and I love to defeat every single person in audio.

My skills and insight inprove all the time. Because I test anbd compare a lot. I don't know any person who does it that much as I do. I see and hear that the difference between me and other people in audio is getting bigger. Most people are F. lazy and have a low level of insight. This makes it so easy to outperfrom pther people. The main reason that I do this is to create the best level of sound for every single client.

I have said it for years to my clients when you can get a higher endresult at any competitor I pay you directly 100
euro. They have the same chances as I have, but I use them a lot better. and that is why the best and most convincing sound alsways wins. No discussion about it! :)
When I say to my cleints and people who work in audio about my direct response. That some people at Audiogon don't like it. They say; what you say is exactly the ssame as you discribe it. I think people don't believe it. That is why I will proof it with sound. Then there is 100% no discussion anymore. And more clear I cannot make it!
That's cool, Bo. Keep up the good work.