McIntosh MC402 vs. Bryston 4B SST

Can anyone enlighten me on the differences between these two amps and how to make a good decision between the two. Other than the obvious price differences which I may exclude from my decision making process and I believe there is also a big difference in warranty. I guess I am more concerned with the differences in sound and listening quality? I have always heard about how great McIntosh's are and had wanted to get one since I originally heard about them, but now I see that the Bryston is highly rated, but how does it stack up to the Mac - or does it stack up at all?

Thank you in advance - confused in the northeast
It will depend on your personal tastes and how your system sounds now. The Mc has more body and favors microdynamics a bit more whereas the Bryston is a little cooler and more analytical. They are quite different. IMO, the Mc is more refined sounding.

arthur's descriptions are pretty accurate. neither is a slouch
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So, when you say that the Bryston is a little cooler and more analytical, can I interpret that to mean that the sound is a little less realistic than a live performance?

After all the technical specifications - my assumption is the goal is to have something sound as a reproduction of a live performance

I recently upgraded from the 4B ST to the MC352 - each amp is the immediate predecessor of the ones you are considering. While the Bryston is no slouch (I was happy with it for 5 years), I find that the Mac sounds less like audio, and more like live music. I'm definately listening to my system more since I upgraded.

While the Mac warranty is decent (3 years), nothing compares with Bryston's 20 year warranty. On the other hand, Macs are very cool running and long lived amps - there are lots of 20+ year old Mac amps still in service. And if you do need a repair, there are plenty of places that specialize in old Mac gear, and lot of parts are still available from the factory for vintage Mac gear.
The 402 is in a different league than the 4 b sst it almost twice the price so it would make more sense to compare the 14 B SST and in that case the 14 B sst is better.
What makes you so sure of that Paul? Simply stating that it is better doesn't do anyone any to elaborate please?
Yes the 14 b sst has a twenty year warranty the bryston is more reliable you don't have to worry about paying to get it repaired after you already paid $5500 for it. The bryston the 14b has more power 108,000 MFD of filter capacitance per channel the brystons power is just as clean in terms of distortion and is extremely neutral. I have heard both and prefer the bryston even though the Mcintosh is also very nice but I prefer the Brystons sound stage bass control and mids and highs are equal of the Mac, plus the bryston
plus the Bryston has the reviews to back it
Which is better between the Bryston and the Mac I don't know, as I haven't heard the Bryston, but Paul's statements are subjective at best.

Yes the 14 b sst has a twenty year warranty the bryston is more reliable ...
This doesn't mean the Bryston is more reliable.

The bryston the 14b has more power 108,000 MFD of filter capacitance per channel...
Specs do not guarantee good (or better) sound/performance.

plus the Bryston has the reviews to back it.
So does the Mac.
Well sorry I dont want to knock the Mac its a really good piece but I do prefer the 14B sst bryston, but the mac is a bit more
warmer and tube like sounding and the bryston has its own qualities as we all know.I would also highly recommend a Plinius sa 250 or sa 102 its the best of both worlds check out the reviews and most importantly go out and listen to one.
Thank for all very usefull comments
I think as well that all these are very fine amps. Before going for a Plinius, however, one should be well aware that one needs a large, good-ventilated room, because their amps, working in class-A most of the time, double as additional room-heaters.
Regards, Florian Hassel
Am i the only one that noticed this but i thought we were comparing the Bryston 4b sst not the (14)