McIntosh MC402 . Too Bridge or not too Bridge ??

The McIntosh MC402 is an incredible power amplifier. I am thinking about getting another one to bridge into mono blocks.

Other than just more sheer power, is bridging the McIntosh MC402 into mono blocks worth doing ?

What are the benefits and rewards in bridging MC402 amps ?

Any experiences first hand ?

Thank you to all.
Umless your speakers are bears to drive,your unlikely to hear a worthwhile improvement,good luck,Bob
IMO I agree w/Usblues..upgrade to the 502s
Just keep your MC402, u don't need to bridge it. I have the same, driving BW802.
More than enough power to control the speakers.
i think that missioncoonery means the 501's.
I have a pair of Thiel 7.2 which were driven by the MC402 for a long time. Recently I experiemented bridging the MC402 (closely following the user guide and using a set of jumper wires), and powering only one speaker. The difference was a noticeable jump in dynamics, bass, sound separation, and overall more fun to listen to. Because I only have one MC402, I don't know what it would be like having two of them bridged as monos, but I am sure they will be great with my Thiel 7.2.
Have just bridged a pair of MC402s.


Had one MC402 powering some recent Magnepans.
Superb sound but I wanted more oomph.

Really couldn't find enough info on whether is would be
worthwhile and how much more oomph I would get.
The sad part is that by doubling the watts you typically
get only 1 db increase in sound level. On the other hand
you get a perceived doubling in sound level with 10 db increase. Supposedly.

Finally pulled the trigger and got another MC402. Best thing
I have ever done for my system after getting the Magnepans.
Everything Stanley says is true and MORE. Slamming, Hammer of Thor oomph. Detail I never heard before. Much more solid. Well worth every penny. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet.

Thanks Stanley