Mcintosh mc402 or pass x250.5

Well I'm done to choosing either the mc402 or pass x250.5 to drive my sonus faber cremonas. Wish I could preview both but alas that's not possible. I love the warm side of the cremonas but also don't want to lose detail. Guess I want it all. Both amps get great reviews and I am really in a dilemma on which one to choose. Thought I would get the valuable opinions from the seasoned audiophiles here. Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated.
I bought the mc402
The Pass labs XA Series match better with Sonus Faber than the X series.
I heard the Cremonas with the Pass XA100.5 monoblocks and really sound well.
If you must be choose between only the Pass X250.5 and the MC402, go with the MC.
If you can go to the XA series, they represent better option.
Of course all depends on your preamplifier too. Which preamplifier you use ?
Why not the Pass Labs XA-100.5s. With a 90 db, 4 ohm load great speakers like the Cremonas will sing! They deserve pure class A power.
Thanks guys for your suggestions. I did end up buying the mc. I didnt even realize there is a X and XA models of the 250.5. Good to know for the future, thanks.Got a great price on the mc so I suppose if I dont like it I could turn it around. But I really want to like it, time will tell. I did think about the XA-100.5 but they were a little out of my budget. So I will live with the mc402 for a while and keep looking for those mono blocks or the XA. Thanks again.
Oh by the way, I am using the little Eastern Electric mini max pre amp with some really nice NOS tubes. A telefunkin 12au7 in there and a Valvo (ecc83) and a nice rectifier (I think its an amperex. Sounds great through the Bryston 9bst. hopefully will sound better with the mac. (could always upgrade the pre amp too)