McIntosh MC40 / Eico HF60

Does anybody know what you would expect to pay for either pair of these monoblocks in good working order?
$1000.00 to $1400.00 pair for the Mcintosh MC40's. For some reason they dont sell as well as the 30's and 60's.
The question you asked means you do not subscribe to Audiogon Bluebook. Not wise.
i do very little buying/selling of audio gear as opposed to some who fruitlessly switch components every week :) It's probably not worth it in my case.

Any more information about either amp would be very much appreciated. BTW, thanks, Velo.
Oh, the few tens-of-dollars is not worth it? Sorry, but I, too thought I could spend lots without investing anything. Blew it; sold loss. 'nuff said.

MC40 monos are not very common. The stereo version MC240 is much more readily available for the range Velo/John stated. MC30 monos on the other hand seem to appear fairly frequently for sale.

I borrowed a Mc240 for a while and really liked it. It sounded remarkably powerful and coherent despite being played on tough-load Paradigm 100.2s. I reluctantly gave it back to my buddy in favor of more powerful SS. I would have kept it had I had more efficient speakers though. Arthur
I have done research on this particular model. MC-40 was introduced to audiophile by McIntosh only couple of years after they had much success with model MC-240. To my understanding, not many younger generation audiophile are aware of this model because there are only few available, which are offered among audiophile. Once in a while you see a pair listed for sale at ridiculously low price. Often, this person inherited these fantastic amplifiers from family member and not knowing the real values. I talked to a few audiophile, they tend to hang on to this model. If you compare MC-30, MC-40, and MC-60, they are pretty much the same as as far as built quality and sonically sweetness. If you are willing to pay much money for MC-30, I can guaranty you will be as happy if you pay the same amount for MC-40. Only difference is that you get more of same quality watts per dollar. So my friends, hang on to your MC-40 if you already own one. If you are looking for a wonderful tube amplifier without spending ten of thousands dollars, then MC-40 should be high up in your list.
Ketchup, Regarding the MC-40 they are nice little amps. If you find a pair try and have them looked at by a qualified technician before you buy them. Those amps are very old and most of them require power supply rebuilding. That can get expensive so make sure there in good working order before you buy them. Also expect to re-tube them. G