McIntosh MC352 Vs MC500


I am looking at getting a new power amp and have settled on a McIntosh the problem is which one? There are two models which really interest me the MC352 and the MC500. My question is what are the major differences between the two sound wise and is the MC500 worth the extra money? It will be used to power Mirage M1 speakers.

for most speakers the 352 is more than enough power to get a dynamic and refined performance...the 500 does make a difference however on a few very power hungry speakers such as ohm 300's or gradient revolutions....most conventional speakers will not behave that differently in the dynamics dept. and the sweet midrange the 352 is famous for is addictive. the 500 will at a little on the bottom end in some recordings, but in most cases they are very close.
I believe that you might find some information on this over at Audioasylum. Just go to the "General" area and type McIntosh.

Good Luck.
There is some Mcintosh bashing going on right now on Audio Asylum because of an overzealous Mcintosh lawyer, but make your own judgement about the Mcintosh sound. I have Mcintosh tubed components and couldn't be happier (oops, I should never say that ; ). Great dealers too.
Look in the archive here - as far as I remember ljgj compared the MC500 and the 352 and found the 352 to be the better-sounding amp, probably bcs it is the newer design
I have the MC352 and just couldn't be happier with the tonality, speed, and bass extension of this amp. There is plenty of power unless you have huge power-hungary electrostatics being used in a huge room. Good luck and happy shopping!