McIntosh MC352 lamp replacement

Would like to know whether lamps in this amplifier could be easily replaced. If so where can I get step by step information? All the lights on the front are out. Thanks in advance.
I had a 352 and changed bulbs on it at least 3 times. I tarded it for a 402 to get away from having to do that. I always used McIntosh bulbs about a dollar each from McIntosh. If you buy them buy enough to do it twice, for some reason once you change them they seem to burn out faster. But I have a few questions for you. Did ALL the bulbs go out at once? Or did they go out a few at a time?
If all at once chack the power supply I beleive it should be 12v and also check the connections. A few at a time then next question. How good are you at de-soldering and soldering on thin delicate circuit boards/strips? The traces on these are pretty fragile and too much heat and they burn. If the answer is yes I am good then, next step is order a service manual 15.00 from McIntosh when you order the bulbs. The exploded view will show you how the face plate and subframe dis-assembles to gain access to the bulb strips. De-solder each bulb connection as much as you can without harming the traces. Also a very small drill bit makes it easier to clean the holes in the circuit board once the old bulbs are pulled out. Once you get all that done then solder in the new bulbs with care as to not get the bulbs hot( I think that is why mine had shorter life cycle) and re-assemble.
You may get better advice here and I may have been doing it wrong, but this is how I did it. I had a 352 and 7205 and got fairly confident doing it. One other option is AudioClassics.Com has an LED kit for about 190.00 that comes with all the instructions and you will do it just this once. I actually had one here and sent it bback when I decided to trade up. But it is a very well thought out set of instructions and personnally my recommendation if you plan to keep the amp.
Thanks so much for your response, Theo. Yes all the lights are out right now.
I understand that they are all out now but did they fail all at the same time? If so, as mentioned I would suspect the power supply of a connector with in the unit.
Lamps that run hot do not like to be touched with bare hands.
Oils / Salts from the fingers when heated can actually cause a lamp to burn out more quickly.
In the past when I changed hi-pressure mercury vapor lamps, I wore latex or vinyl gloves and cleaned the lamp with 100% iso alcohol and a lint free wipe.

...That may be a reason that lamps which are replaced don't seem to last as long.

I really like the idea of a LED kit. Heck, I even went to LED Christmas Lights!