McIntosh :MC302 Upgrade from MC162 is it worth it?

I am in process of moving up to the MC302 from my 1999 vintage MC162. Currently have a C46 preamp along with MCd301 cd transport Speakers are Dali 300Mk2 : rated at 50 to 200w.. Amp is 300 per channel .. Thoughts feedback in any direction would be helpful
It sounds like you already have the MC302 on the way. I can tell you that you will hear a totally improved sound from your system stepping up from the MC162. I had a MC7205 which was a 5 channel version of the MC162 and changed to a MC352 then later a MC402. Big difference, more depth, deeper bass, faster transients, much quieter background, warmer mids with more delicate highs and no brashness. If you love your MC162 as it is a good amp, you will absolutely love the MC302. A totally different topography to the structure of the circuitry. Mcintosh has come a long way since the MC162 was produced on their amps. BUt they have made two levels of amps for years even back when the 162 was new. They made/make a non-autoformer like the 162 and new 205/207 and those with autoformers. You will be getting the Autoformer with the 302. This adds a different sound as well as a double balanced output stage that quiets the noise floor considerabley. I suggest that you give Chuck Hinton a call at Mcintosh and he will give you a much better explaination of the differences. Their 800 number is on their website, great people at Mcintosh. Even if you are buying it used they still treat you like you bought it new.
Theo.. excellent response. I plan to place the order within the next 48hrs or so ..
Let me know what you think once you get the 302 broke in.
I am so sure that you will think you have a totally new system.
I was wrong however the 302 doesn't have the double balanced out put they don't employ that until the 452. But the biggest difference will be the autoformers and that presents the biggest changes. The double balanced only reduces the noise floor which will be considerably less than the 162. Plus you get LED fiber optic ligting instead of incandessant bulbs. I was forever replacing mine on the 352 and 7205, and that got old real quick. Enjoy!
I don't usually chime in I just read. I have owned the 252, 501's and recently owned the 452 and 302. If I had efficient speakers I would go with the 302. I liked the sound from it a little better than the 452. I ended up selling the 302 and keeping the 452 for the future. Those people that say all amps sound the same need to save their money and buy some commercial Amps. These are the Best Amps McIntosh has ever manufactured. I know I have owned a lot of MC equipment as well as others for over 30 years. They got the Bass and High's right on these two Amps and still maintained the Mid Range to Die for.These are the quickest response Amps MC ever built. If you or anybody were to purchase these Amps, there would be no need for a upgrade for years to come.
Thank You Glenee, I curretly am platooning two models . Both are 4ohm... PSB slivers( 1999 vintage)and just added the Dali Helicon's 300 Mk2. The Dalis while a stand speaker are amazing .. The sensistvity is 89db (PSB) and 86Db on the Dali's hence the Dalis like a bit more to drive them but I found with side by side tests the Dali's sound is much improved within the soundstage and imaging