McIntosh MC300 good match for Martin Logan CLS ??

I am considering buying a pair of Martin Logan CLS speakers to upgrade my wife's system. She has McIntosh MC300 amp and McIntosh M39 pre-amp.

Can anyone advise whether this is a good match or be able to suggest something better in the $1500 price range? We owned an old pair oh Kef

I am in the Chicago area and would like to take delivery this week if possible.
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The MC300 should be more than able to drive the CLSes. I have a pair of the CLSIIA and have tried many amps. Not so much the "watts per channel", but the voltage and current output that's important for the CLS series. I currently am using a Sanders Sound System ESL amp and LOVE it!

The MC300 will do an adequate job. BTW, the CLSes are WONDERFUL speakers. You'll need to spend time setting them up, but they will reward you like no other speaker can. There's nothing like an,(almost) full range electrostatic...

Check out the Martin Logan Users Group for help with everything CLS. Link is below:
I owned an MC 300 about 5 years, and I used it with a number of dynamic speakers, not electrostatics, but I can say that it is powerful, and more importantly with a revealing speaker like the CLS, very smooth and clean. I think that you will enjoy it.
I think these might be a huge improvement over her Definitive Technology Mythos One's. The low end should be corrected with our ML Abyss subwoofer.