McIntosh MC275V monos versus MC501 monos?

I currently have a McIntosh C2300 and one MC275V. I would like opinions around major differences to be expected between running two MC275V in mono configurations versus selling my current MC275V and getting a pair of MC501 monos. I will be using these with a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls III, so I am not considering the 501's just for power. Up to now I have had a strong preference for tube amplifiers, but never tried a McIntosh solid state amp. No local dealers for McIntosh so I need to be certain which way I want to go. I wont get a chance to test these in advance. Thanks!
with cornwalls, the 275's. a match made in heaven
Go to the McIntosh forum at and do a search. A few guys have run 275's mono. I am using a MC275V with Cornwalls. Have used the MC352 as well. For my ears there is not a lot of difference between Mc tubes and Mc solid state. If money is not an issue buy the 501's. Another option to consider-keep the MC275 and buy a NOS MC352 or MC602 from Audio Classics at 1/3 to 1/2 of the price of 501's. That way you have both and can switch back and forth between tubes and solid state. Happy Hunting!
Paired my Helicon 300 (monitors) with MC275s in mono and rolled all the KT88s and 12AX type tubes. Instead of 150 watts very close to 200 watts output.

Using jumpers from Analysis Plus (Big Silver with Barrier Spade on amp side) expect:

More bottom end with greater dynamics. Midrange and treble are much more alive as you hear much more of the music. Smoother and fuller sound with no strain during complex passages of music.

Hope this helps.

If you have a 275 isn't that 2 x 75 wpc? That is plenty of power for a pair of Cornwalls. Klipsch heritage speakers do not need very much power, especially if you are using tubes.
I have no idea why you'd want to throw 501s on Cornwalls. If you read the Klipsch forum I think you'll see Klipsch and tubes are a good match. I should hook up my 402 to my Fortes sometime just to see how they sound. Maybe I'll do that soon. Still 500 watts for an efficient speaker - I dunno "doesn't seem prudent." Let us know how it works out if you do and sell me your 501s for my 85 dB Aerials when you do!
I also have 2 275 MKV's in mono on my Infinity RS1B's. Plenty of power...plenty. As a matter of fact, I think just one may do it. I was using just one on my speakers and then added two. My Infinities are a bit more power hungry then your speakers and the one was fine. Adding the second just gave more breath and air (a very big plus)to the sound.

On the Klipsch Forum, the coveted tube amps are VRD's made by NOS Valves. They are 60 wpc. FWIW 75 shoudl do it.