McIntosh MC275 with Martin Logan Ascent i

I am considering purchasing a pair of MC275 amps to use as monoblocks driving my Martin Logan Ascent i speakers. I have a C2200 pre-amp and a MCD201 CD player. Has anyone used these amps to drive Martin Logan speakers. Currently I have a MC402 driving them. I have the set up as part of a home theater system. The C2200 has a pass through mode so I connect my BK Ref 50 to the C2200 and it passes through for Home Theater. When I listen to stereo I turn the Ref 50 off and use the C2200. My plan is to use the MC402 to drive the rear speakers and get new amps for the fronts and center. My concern is power because Martin Logans like a lot of power. My center is a Cinema and I am using Clarity for the rears. I have also consider another 402 or 501s. Any thoughts/recomendations are appreciated.

Hi, How is your bass response. The MC275 tends to be soft in the bass and as such you may need to install a martin-logan sub such as a depth or decent.
I left out that part. My bass is good. I am using a Rel Sub.

used as monos, they will be a great match
I already have a pair of MC 275 IV's and have a pair ML Summits on the way. I posed the same question on and the general response was positive. Audioclassics advise that one 275 drove Summits easily. I suggest you browse that website.
Sorry Alanlyon my mistake - should have said McIntosh forum at
You just about mirrored my system...
In my 2 channel system I drive my bi-wired ML Aerius i's with McIntosh C2200=>MC402 and I'm very happy with it. I get a best of breed from the benefits of tubes warmth, solid state punch and the seamless sound of electro static panels. The MC402 has more than enough power to drive the ML's and you can boost the bass if you want with the C2200.