McIntosh MC275 vs MC2102

OK all you Mac experts, can anyone give a brief description of the sonics between the MC275 amp versus the MC2102 amp. Their job would be to power the top end of the Infinity RS1-B system (4 ohm).


Rick (RWD)
top end and mids...same in mids...2102 is more rolled off on top...bottom is a tad firmer on the 275 as well. the 2102 is a bit more euphoric or cj like.
I have both side by side, and I'm listening to the 2102 as I write this.

Both are KT-88 stereo amps. One is 75 watts per channel 2 X 75; the other 100 with meters.

If you use an original 275 or one of the reissues from the mid 90's they have point to point wiring instead of the new 275 circuit board. Also new ones have slightly different circuitry (zener diodes).

If power and meters are desired the 2102 is the ticket. if you like the retro look and 75 watts will suffice the 275 is a dandy.

Side by side for sound quality with Klipsch Cornwalls I like the 275. With my Magnepan 1.6's I like the 2102.

The 2102 can also do double duty as a room heater or small BBQ.
They both sound MACnificent but The MC2102 with it's 2 modes of mono operation (parallel or bridged) can theoretically drive a wider range of speakers from 1 - 16 ohms. Parallel will provide more current into low impedence speakers while bridged will provide more voltage for low sensitivity speakers.
Hi Jamnesta, the MC 275 can also be bridged for up to 150 wpc (many say up to 190wpc!!).
Hi Rick, Yes, on the MC275, but just parallel configuration.