Mcintosh MC275 VI

Hello there,
     I need some advice regarding my McIntosh MC275 VI. Is anyone have the same experience like I do. Some months ago, i left my McIntosh MC275 VI seating there for month or month and half (unplug)  due to my busy schedule. One day i turn it on, none of the bulbs lid up (amber then green). But the light where the switch is red. There is power going thru as you can see in the tubes. I let it seats for 5-10 minutes then it come to amber and green on the tubes. Is anyone know what could be wrong? I had this amp for about 1 year and 6 months. Do I need to replace the bulbs? It's original bulbs from McIntosh. I appreciated for your feed back
The amp does not have bulbs, it is LED lighting and does not need replacing.
I appreciate ur feed back. But do you have any ideas why it’s does that??? Thanks
Call McIntosh customer service.  A tech will give you the correct answer. 
I contact them, they tell me to bring to McIntosh authorize dealer to have a look... they believe is a led board. I bought it second hand from Craigslist . I was hoping something simple such as replace the tubes... I’m here in San Jose California. Thanks for the advice.
I hate to say it but that is why I steer clear of Craig’s List.  Especially for a big ticket item.