McIntosh MC275 Question

Could anyone tell me the differences between MC275V6, MC275LE 50th Anniversary, MC275 std model? All three are listed in the McIntosh catalog. Not interested in the external cosmetic differences but internal functional differences and how they differ sonically. Thanks!
Bump, still interested.
The main differences are the v5 is an awesome amp with evolutionary changes, standard binding posts rather than barrier strips. The v5 has a nice damping factor and circuit boards instead of point to point wiring as in the original 275. The mc275le aniversary is supplied with upgraded binding posts, several internal changes that further enhance the damping factor and a gold plated chassis. To complete the bling thing, green lights are installed below the row of small tubes. The lights can be turned off and there is a new power save feature that shuts down the amp after 30 minutes or so absent an audio signal, mercifully that feature is defeatable. Finally, the v6 is identical to the 275le except for the gold chassis and anniversary badging. They all punch above their 75wpc rating, some say near 100wpc. Ive owned a v4 and a 275le. They are terrific amps and, while not overtly "tubey" or euphonic, they reproduce music in a very pleasing manner. Regards.
Thanks Ghasley, I appreciate your help. If anyone has anything to add please post.
I just purchased two new MC275 VI. From what I understand this is the only version currently available. I think Ghasley hit the nail on the head with the differences between the newest version and the older models.