Mcintosh mc275 or rogue m150/180

I love my current Dennis Had aes six pacs. I just retubed them today with Mullard reissue el34s. But I didn't buy a set of andra speakers I had my eye on because I was worried the amps weren't quite enough juice. As I ponder future improvements I am curious as to thoughts on improving sound and output. My six pacs are my first foray into tube monoblocks and I am hooked. I honestly can't see how they could sound better, but I have made that statement before and been proven wrong.
If you really like the Sixpacs, enjoy them. The grass is not always greener, my friend.
Lets see, 1 amp has over four decades of production and made by a company that's been around for even longer! The MC275 is THE McIntosh to own, you cant go wrong. The other amp...well...not even close in history or PRAT+MAGIC.