Mcintosh MC275 monoblock different version

Hello, i could not find a solution for my question. i have an original mc275 and a mc275 Commemorative edition. Ideally i would like to have identical amps to do monoblock. However, it is fairly hard to find either the original MC275 or CE edition...i could sell both and get either V or IV...but for the time being and budget issue, i may just stay if i mix them together, will they sound OK? 

thank you all
Why bother? Doubling the wattage will only give a 3 db increase in SPL. Sell the older 275 and use the money for an upgrade elsewhere in your system (new phono cartridge, DAC ...).
Use one amp for woofers on both speakers and one amp for mid and tweeters on both speakers. This is called Horizontal bi-amp. This will explain the difference between horizontal and vertical bi-amping!
robergerman,i've read that you need to triple your wattage to get a 3db increase in spl.
@yogiboy: your suggestion will only work if the OP's speakers have a split crossover with separate + and - terminals for the bass and mid/highs. Good idea though!
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