McIntosh MC275 MK IV vs. MC402 / MC352

Hi everyone, 
I need your opinion on a tough decision. I currently own an MC352 and an MC275 MK IV. I run the MC352 most of the time for home theater and music, and the MC275 every few days, purely for stereo listening. My speakers are McIntosh XRT28's which I'm taking with me to the grave. I love the bass punch of the MC352 and the overall pure power of it, especially for rock music though I do fee sometimes that vocals a little less neutral, in comparison with the MC275. As far as the MC275 and the XRT28's -  beautiful highs, dreamy mid and low and welcoming bass (no punch). I've received an offer to trade my MC275 for an MC402. That way I can either bi-amp my speaker with both the MC352 and MC402, or use the the MC402 for fronts and MC352 for backs.
My questions are - regarding of value - would you make that trade? Does the MC402 sound more natural and more "tubey" than the MC352? or should I keep my system as is - SS for everyday, Tube for the special occasion.
Thank you!

Hi yyman23, took a look at your system, very nice. No, I would not trade the MC275 for the MC402. The 402 will sound a little better than the 352, however it will not sound like the 275. Now, I'll amend my response to your other post. You should have at least 3 dedicated lines installed, 1 digital, 1 for amps, and 1 for the rest of the analog. Working 25 years in the high end audio industry, I have experienced more than most in this hobby. I use dedicated lines and have recommended many with nice systems to have them installed. Everyone that did always made the comment that they wish they had done it sooner and it was an upgrade well worth the expense. Initially you will notice the difference in bass, but further listening will reveal improvements in every aspect of the sound. Dedicated lines should be done before any other changes in your system.

Thank you, I'm leaning towards not making the trade, and just keeping my current setup. My MC275 is in beautiful condition and I'm completely in love with the mids and highs. tls49 - That's a great recommendation, and I'll look into it though I'm not sure it doable at my house. No crawl space/attic to run new wiring. I'll experiment more this weekend.

Yes, keep your system, SS for everyday and Tube for special occasion.

IMHO, frequently resort to entertaining upgrades that may not necessarily "improve" the system's performance, but do create detectable changes in the performance. However these artifact styled "improvements" become boring after a while, because they add the same accent to all music, making it sonically one-dimensional.

I did upgrade from one MC275 to two and now MC601 Mono Block, I kept both amp to enjoy the experience of their difference.

Beewax - I think that's a great direction. I can keep my eyes out for another MC275, and eventually (once I get a bigger house) move to two MC501's or MC602. Do you run the same speakers with your setup, just switching between the amps?
I just switched the amps when I get tired of the same sound. I also rotate frequently between music server, turntable, streaming and cd player for different music experience and enjoyment.