McIntosh MC252: What speakers to pair with?

I recently bought a Mc MC252 Amp and a C2300 Preamp. Am thinking about upgrading my speakers (currently have Revel F50s). Any recommendations? Was thinking a pair of Nolas but am worried it might not be a good pairing.
I use a MC402 with Revel F32's and like the sound. But the beauty of McIntosh is I really don't know that I have heard a speaker that didn't sound good with them. I have heard in recent years Sonus Faber Cremonas with 501's, McIntosh speakers of course XRT1K's especially good with 1201's. But with the 252 I think it depends on what you want to spend. The F52's would be logical step up. But if you want to try another brand in that price range. I heard the new JBLs the other day and think those show some promise, see the review in sterophile. The pair I heard were new and just out of the box but had a lot of promise.
PSB Syncronys? Paradigm Signature S8? JM Lab? Just a few to try. What do you have locally available?
The McIntosh autoformer amps are widely compatible with many loudspeakers but special synergy seems to be common with relatively simple speaker configurations, including "voiced" speakers. The most startling combinations have been when Mcintosh autoformer amps have been paired with Sonus Faber (especially Cremona), Vienna and Zu. The crossoverless Zu with its full-range driver is especially musical with McIntosh and vice-versa, and the other two lines feature crossovers with simple networks and mostly gentle slopes. You can pretty much pick your price point in any of these three lines and get an excellent pairing with your MC252.

Before moving up to the JM Lab Utopia line, I used JM Lab Electra line for mains with MC 501s. I liked the pairing so much so i moved up to a larger Focal/JM Lab.