McIntosh MC252 or Butler TDB 2250?

Just what it says. I've only heard an older McIntosh MC275 and an integrated from the 90s, but the MC252 seems both gorgeous and a great amp. I can't audition either model before buying - blame geography!

Has anyone heard both - or at very least, the Butler compared to a McIntosh solid state? I'd love some advice/comparisons. I've got two stereo sets and it will fit in either: speakers are Gallo Reference 3.1s (soon 3.5s perhaps) or Energy 22 Reference Connoisseurs.

Thanks in advance.
Please allow me to add to the conversation. I currently own a Butler TDB-5150 driving an all-Gallo Ref. system. It sounds spectacular. Back in the day, I use to sell Mc amps, and liked them. And I have never hooked a Mc amp to my Gallos. So what I say comes with a grain or two of salt.

I find the Butler - Gallo combination to be quite alluring - great bottom-end (the Gallos LOVE hi-current) thanks to the MOSFETs and excellent mid-range and top-end, that's the tubes working their magic. I honestly believe this is the last amp I will buy. it is that good...

So, put me down for a strong recommendation for the Gallo-Butler setup...

Thanks for your recommendation. Yes, I've heard some very good things about the Butler - as well as the McIntosh of course. Would be great to audition each model, but McIntosh does not have a dealer in my area and Butler of course only sells direct - I could use their "10-day trial period" but I'm in another country and shipping, taxes, etc. to get it here would cost me over $500 as it is. And try getting taxes back from a government once you've paid them...! :D

Was hoping someone had listened to both model lines, but it may be a little specific....
I understand about the shipping charges, but you could also get an in-home trial of the McIntosh, if you're willing to buy a used unit or a b-stock unit. Audio Classics, located near the McIntosh factory in upstate New York. They offer a 7-day return option, but you will pay round-trip shipping. I bought my McIntosh preamp from them 2-years ago, and the customer service has been outstanding.

Another issue is whether you have tubes anywhere in your system. I am a big tube fan, but dislike the hassle of power tubes. Unless you have glass somewhere else (CD player, DAC, preamp), the tube input stage of the Butler will give you the beauty of tubes without the hassle (and heat) of power tubes.

Just my $0.02
Yes, that was my thought - to add a bit of tube-ness to my system, which is otherwise all solid state at this point.

I'm in Canada, so "in-home trials" mean paying huge shipping and duty charges from the US.