McIntosh MC252 amp

I recently moved into a dedicated/larger audio room and have decided to start over..I dont really see too much chat about the 252 amp..I would like to try the McIntosh gear again and build a system around an amp thats in my price range...any thoughts on the 252...thanks
love it. I am listening to the mc252 while I type this. sounds fantastic. My other components are : mcintosh c220, mcv-861 and B&W 804 s
It is the highest value amp McIntosh has ever made, IMO. It sounds almost exactly like the 402 but costs a lot less. I will probably end up getting a 252 myself.

Compared to the many other amps I have heard, the latest McIntoshes are extremely hard to beat. They have a liquidity to their sound that allows music to pour out of the speakers totally unhindered. They have awesome detail and dynamics but not at the expense of emotion, natural timbre, or coherence. You can't go wrong with them.

Can't agree more with the above comments. I own one myself. Check out audiokarma Mac forum for tons of info. on the 252. Good luck!
Ditto on all of the above, and I think the 252 is more popular than we think, for this very reason. It is after all a 501 in disguise, same design/guts and parts, just half current and 2ch....the sound gives that away. And Mc says so.

I posted a video review of the McIntosh MC252 on YouTube.

Just go to YouTube and search for "MC252 review".

I bought mine 1.5 years ago and I am still listening to it practically every day. It's the longest I've gone without a strong urge to upgrade.


I'm using the C2200 pre and MC402 amp and have never felt buyer's remorse. MicIntosh users stay MicIntosh users for a reason - the stuff costs so much you can't afford to upgrade!
This is interesting for me. In the next few days I will buy either a MC252 or a MC402. I plan on pairing it with a C220. My question is do I need the extra Umph a 402 allows. My speakers are unapologetically Bose 901s. I cannot hear a difference between the 2 amps. My listening room is not really large ( 15 x 20 ) What do you think? Is more power usually better ?
1+ years from my above post I still love this amp. I think you should get a 252 or move direct to 501s. I also love the shorter size of these amps. 250 RMS (this amp puts out 325 RMS or 30% than published in reality) should be ample for most speakers.

Enjoy reading the Tone Audio 2009 review,