Mcintosh MC2500 VS MC352

Hi guys, other than the obvious differences of power, age and newer technology, what are some other important factors to consider if I was to go with the MC2500 as opposed to the MC352? What is the worst case scenario with the 2500 and would it be costly to repair? It was in production from 1980-1990 I believe and I suspect it is early 80's. I don't think music preferences matter but if it does, I listen to pretty much everything. Classical to hard rock and everything in between. Thank you very much for any advise !!!
Here is a link for the MC2500-

Never heard that amp. I do own a MC352 and it is the best amp that I have ever had with Khorns. Call Audio Classics or check them out at They sell both amps.
I believe the MC352 would be the better buy for resale or if you upgrade in the future. here is another link for the McIntosh forum. Best of luck!
close, but the 352 is the best value....and becomes a bit more classic each day.

Also check out site as they have a dedicated McIntosh forum which is very helpful as well.
Thanks Smp, great site and should answer lots of questions!
if its just between the mc352 & the mc2500 then the mc352 is the ticket but keep in mind that if you end up deciding on the mc352 you can buy a mc500 for the same price & the mc500 is a way better amplifier in every way.

the mc500 has the best bass response out of any other mcintosh amplifier that ive ever owned & is much like the bass response from the older model class a krell amps,there is very little difference between the mc500 & the mc1201 monoblocks in overall sound & dynamics.
Other listeners disagree, bigjoe, I remember that ljgj, who owned both the MC500 and the MC352, liked the sound of the latter better, being the modern design and more transparent
hassel. what are you trying to say ? others always disagree about what sounds best,whats modern about the mc352 that isnt with the mc500,also transparent means different things to different people.

i dont get your point.
I've owned both, liked both, and both are great amps, but the 2500 is just to much amp for the 352 to compete with in all area's which is why I still own the 2500. Wait till you hook up to a pair of inefficient speakers it won't take you long to figure out which amp you want and the fact you get 500 MC watts for less money helps to. Remember the 2500 was once one of MC's flag ship amps 352 never was and as far as build quality is concerned most Tech's tell me that peaked in the 80's. As far as transparent is concerned I agree with Bigjoe because to me it means where's the rest!